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Irish Whiskey, or in Irish, 'Uisce Beatha', which literally translates to 'Water of Life' was once the most popular spirit in the world. Throughout the 1800s, Ireland boasted over thirty distilleries, a century later, this number had fallen to just three.  Irish Whiskey has recently seen a resurgence in popularity, and is now on its rise back to the top. 

With a unique taste, a triple distillation process, and its own distinctive style, Irish Whiskey must be experienced to fully appreciate it. Please find our latest range below!

Pearse 'Cooper's Select'...
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Pearse 'Cooper's Select' Blended Irish Whiskey

Pearse Lyons
Cooper's Select is a blend of malt and grain Irish whiskeys that were first aged in bourbon casks before being re-casked in first fill sherry barrels. This blend has a big wood and sherry influence. Cooper's Select is bottled at 42% and won a gold medal at the Whiskey Masters in the blended super premium category.
Pearse 'Distiller's Choice'...

Pearse 'Distiller's Choice' 7 Year Old

Pearse Lyons
A blend of Irish grain and malt whiskeys, hand selected by the head distiller at Pearse Lyons Distillery. It is predominantly aged in bourbon barrels with a small amount of Sherry barrel aged whiskey in the mix. It is a 7-year-old blend. The blend contains single malt that has been produced in the distillery's own pot stills at St James in Dublin.
Pearse 'Founder's Choice'...
Single Malt

Pearse 'Founder's Choice' 12 Year Old

Pearse Lyons
Pearse Distillery's Founder, Dr Pearse Lyons, hand selected 12 year old single malt for this bottling. It is non chill-filtered and bottled at 42% which seems to be the distillery favourite ABV. Founder's Choice was awarded gold at the whiskey masters in the Single Malt Premium category.
Pearse 'The Original' 5...

Pearse 'The Original' 5 Year Old

Pearse Lyons
A blended 5 Year-Old Irish whiskey aged in all Bourbon barrels that is a grain and malt blend. The blend contains single malt that has been produced in the distillery's own pot stills at St James in Dublin.

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