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Irish Whiskey, or in Irish, 'Uisce Beatha', which literally translates to 'Water of Life' was once the most popular spirit in the world. Throughout the 1800s, Ireland boasted over thirty distilleries, a century later, this number had fallen to just three.  Irish Whiskey has recently seen a resurgence in popularity, and is now on its rise back to the top. 

With a unique taste, a triple distillation process, and its own distinctive style, Irish Whiskey must be experienced to fully appreciate it. Please find our latest range below!

McConnell's 5 Year Old...

McConnell's 5 Year Old Blended Irish Whisky

McConnell's 5 Year Old Blended Irish Whisky is the perfect blend between malted barley and grain. Finished in ex-Bourbon barrels which add subtle vanilla sweetness. The barrels provide a deep oak woodiness and light char to the finish. McConnell's Whisky Brand is one of the few producers of Irish Whiskey that do not use the "E".

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