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We have collaborated with Túath to bring you our official Irishmalts Túath Glass. A conical shaped nosing and tasting glass for whiskey that functions by concentrating & capturing all the aromas and flavours of Irish Whiskey. The stem provides a secure anchor for the thumb, and either left or right handed users can safely swirl and nose the whiskey, while the larger chamber and wider aperture allow the drinker to retain eye contact by not having to tilt their head back so far. The larger chamber of The Túath allows whiskey drinkers to move seamlessly from a tasting experience to a drinking experience.

The Facts

Irish Whiskey Glass Ltd

Tasting Notes

NoseThe conical shape of the Túath concentrates the vapours while its slightly wider opening and flared top let more of the alcohol vapours flow out, allowing you to nose the centre of the glass without alcohol burn, and the whiskey to express its hidden aromas and flavours.
PalateThe fine rim of the Túath glass elegantly sits on the surface of the lip while also allowing the alcohol vapours to escape away from the mouth enhancing the taste of the whiskey.

A true Irish Whiskey tasting experience.

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