Pearse 'Distiller's Choice' 7 Year Old

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A blend of Irish grain and malt whiskeys, hand selected by the head distiller at Pearse Lyons Distillery. It is predominantly aged in bourbon barrels with a small amount of Sherry barrel aged whiskey in the mix. It is a 7-year-old blend. The blend contains single malt that has been produced in the distillery's own pot stills at St James in Dublin.

The Facts

Pearse Lyons Distillery
Alcohol Strength
Blended Irish Whiskey
7 Year

Tasting Notes

NoseOn the nose, there are fresh citrus notes with subtle spices and dried fruits culminating in a light fruit cake note.
PalateA smooth, warm, light oak flavour with hints of green grape evolving into caramelised pear. As the taste develops, hints of cocoa and dried fruits appear. 
FinishA medium finish with notes of stewed apple, clove and custard.

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