Lambay Malt Irish Whiskey

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Lambay Malt Irish Whiskey is the fourth addition to the Lambay Whiskey portfolio. A delicate blend of both double and triple distilled malt spirit. All single malts within the blend are firstly bourbon barrel matured and then partially finished in hand selected French oak cognac casks. The casks have been exposed to the sea air and maritime winds on Lambay Island. Before bottling, the island's own Trinity Well water is added to deliver this delicious, elegant Irish whiskey.

The Facts

Lambay Irish Whiskey Company
Alcohol Strength
Blended Irish Whiskey
No Age Statement

Tasting Notes

NoseMalt, floral, ripe banana and fig.
PalateCoconut, malt, dried berries, nutmeg, and cardamom.
FinishLong lasting malt with lingering sweetness and a hint of spice. 

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